✅100% Botanical Ingredients

✅100% Botanical Ingredients

Do you know what ingredients are in your skincare?

How about the hard to pronounce ones?

Yes, this can lead you down some long-tailed rabbit holes…

With Koality U, we keep things simple - we carefully choose all our ingredients and include only the best.


We care about making our product safe and healthy for you… and our planet. That’s why we use no extra packaging, no parabens, silicons, or preservations. We also never test our products on animals.

Below, we have included a snippet of each ingredient in our scalp treatment oil for you to see.


Eucalyptus Essencial Oil

In Australia, eucalyptus oil is known for its natural hair remedies. Studies have shown that eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

That’s a good thing!

Eucalyptus oil can:

 Soothe the scalp;

 Help provide relieve to an itchy and flaky scalp;

 Help manage and treat dandruff;

 Regulate oil production and bacteria associated with an oily scalp.


Marula seed Oil

Although the ‘new-kid on the block’, Marula seed oil is becoming more popular in beauty care.

Marula seed oil is:

 Lightweight texture; and

 Fast absorbing.

It gives a satin, non-greasy finish unlike some other hair oil/serums.

Marula Oil is also rich in fatty acid and contains 60% more antioxidants than most other oils. This means it nourishes and moisturizes the hair follicles, helping to repair damaged hair.

It also hydrates and protects the scalp against free radicals too.


Lavender Essencial Oil

Where would we be without lavender?

Everyone knows its calming effect, but it has so much more to offer.

Did you know that lavender oil can work into the skin to promote thicker and faster healthy hair growth?

Lavender also has antimicrobial properties to help prevent bacteria and fungi.

This can prevent itchy scalp or dandruff, even infections and the risk of hair lice.


Black Cumin Seed Oil (*1)

How does black cumin seed oil help with your hair?


Answer - in more than 4 ways, which include:

  1. Making it smooth and shiny and potentially;
  2. Supporting the growth of natural hair;
  3. Reducing hair fall.
  4. As an anti-inflammatory, to help quell irritation.

It is also packed with antioxidants which help neutralise free oxygen radicals, and prevent the damaging of cells.


Jojoba Oil (*2)


Jojoba oil has the closest structural and chemical make-up to human sebum.

This means depending on whether your skin is overproducing or underproducing oil it can produce more or rid it for you.

Jojoba oil is also comprised of beneficial minerals and nutrients that work as an emollient to soothe skin and provide moisture.

This all helps to balance out sebum protection and eliminate acne.


Argan Oil (*3)


But just in case, Argan oil is:

 Rich but light texture

 Easy absorbing


 A non-greasy moisturizer

It is great for all skin types…

Packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that work to improve skin elasticity. It does this by fending off any free radical damage which leaves the skin looking radiant.

It also can control oil production by reducing sebum.


Sunflower seed oil

The Power of the SUNflower Seed

Used for centuries to soothe and condition the skin and hair, the oil is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that fight dandruff.

By doing this, it prevents bacteria and the build up of product which can lead to a dry or itchy scalp.

🌻 Rich in vitamins K, E, B1, B5, B6 and C… and, [perhaps] other letters in the alphabet.

🌻 Contains minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.

🌻 High in polyunsaturated fatty acids, like Oleic acid and Linoleic acid.

Sunflower seed oil also reduces the chance of thinning hair, early hair loss, baldness and alopecia which occur in males and females. 


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(*1)Image by azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik

(*2)(*3)Image by Freepik

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